14 Seater Van for Rent in Dubai Without Driver

Van Rental without Driver


Highway Transport is your trusted partner for exploring the beautiful city of Dubai. Offering 14 seater van rental services without a driver, we empower you to experience the wonders of this vibrant city independently. This article delves into the key features and benefits of our 14 seater van rental services, making it easy for you to navigate and appreciate all that Dubai has to offer.
Dubai, with its stunning skyline, magnificent architectural wonders, and a rich blend of tradition and modernity, is a city best explored at your own pace. Whether you’re traveling with a large group or planning a family excursion, our 14 seater van for rent in Dubai without a driver provides the ideal solution.


Our 14 seater vans are designed for comfort and space. With ample legroom and headroom, you and your fellow travelers can enjoy the journey without feeling cramped.


To make your journey as enjoyable as possible, our vans are equipped with air conditioning, entertainment systems, and power outlets, ensuring that you can stay connected and entertained throughout your adventure.


At Highway Transport, your safety and peace of mind are paramount. We provide comprehensive insurance coverage for our rental vans, ensuring that you are protected in case of unforeseen incidents.

14 Seater Van for Rent in Dubai Without Driver
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Affordability is one of our core values at Highway Transport. We understand that traveling in a group can be expensive, and we aim to provide cost-effective solutions for all your transportation needs.

14 Seater Van Rental Dubai: The Ultimate Way to Explore the City

Dubai is known for its iconic landmarks, bustling streets, and breathtaking desert landscapes. When you’re traveling with a group, it’s essential to have a reliable and spacious mode of transportation to make the most of your visit. 14 seater van rentals in Dubai are the perfect solution for those seeking comfort and convenience.

Why Choose a 14 Seater Van Rental in Dubai?


These vans are spacious and equipped with comfortable seating arrangements, ensuring everyone has enough room to relax during the journey.


Traveling in a group can be challenging when you need to coordinate transportation. A 14 seater van offers a single, convenient mode of travel for all.


Instead of renting multiple vehicles, a 14 seater van can significantly reduce your transportation costs.

14 Seater Van for Rent in Dubai Without Driver

Vehicle Type14 Seater Van
Seating Capacity14 Passengers
Rental DurationDaily, Weekly, Monthly, Customized
Mileage LimitUnlimited Mileage
Vehicle BrandVarious Options, Including Toyota Hiace
Interior ComfortSpacious Seating, Climate Control, Entertainment
Safety FeaturesAirbags, Anti-lock Brakes, Stability Control, ADAS
Loading CapacityAmple Space for Passengers and Luggage
Privacy OptionsSome Models Offer Privacy Partitions
Luxury FeaturesElegant Interior, Premium Materials, Advanced Entertainment, Exclusive Amenities
MaintenanceRegularly Maintained and Inspected
Rental ReservationsHassle-Free Online Booking with Customer Support
Discounts and PromotionsSpecial Offers Available for Cost Savings

14 Seater Van for Sale in UAE: Owning Your Vehicle

If you frequently travel with a large group, you might consider purchasing a 14 seater van in the UAE. Owning a van has its advantages, including complete control over your transportation and potential long-term cost savings.

Advantages of Buying a 14 Seater Van in the UAE

While the initial investment can be significant, owning a van can be more cost-effective in the long run compared to frequent rentals.
Long-Term Savings

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You have the flexibility to use your van whenever you need it, without the constraints of rental periods.

Bus rental without Driver

You can customize your van to suit your specific needs, such as adding entertainment systems or comfortable seating.

Van rental without Driver

Considerations when Buying a 14 Seater Van in the UAE


Determine your budget and research different models to find one that meets your requirements while staying within your price range.

Brand and Model

Research various brands and models to find the one that suits your needs and has a reputation for reliability.

New vs. Used

Decide whether you want a new or used van. Used vans can be significantly cheaper, but you must ensure they are in good condition.

Smooth Ride

These vans are equipped with advanced suspension and shock absorption systems, ensuring a smooth and pleasant ride even on bumpy roads.

Privacy Options

Some luxury models offer privacy partitions to create a more exclusive and private travel experience for your group.

Van Rental without Driver

Luxury 14 Seater Van for Rent in Dubai Without Driver

When you’re planning a group trip to Dubai and want to travel in style, Highway Transport offers a luxury 14 seater van for rent without a driver. Our luxury vans are designed to provide you with a top-tier travel experience, ensuring comfort, convenience, and a touch of extravagance throughout your journey.

Key Features of Our Luxury 14 Seater Van Rental

Elegant Interior

Our luxury vans boast an elegant and upscale interior, featuring premium materials, plush seating, and stylish design elements that create a sophisticated atmosphere.

Advanced Entertainment

Enjoy the latest entertainment systems, including high-quality audio and video options to keep everyone entertained during your travels.

Comfort Beyond Compare

The spacious design ensures that passengers have ample legroom and headspace. Leather seats, extra padding, and superior climate control make the journey truly comfortable.

Exclusive Amenities

Luxury features like ambient lighting, wood accents, and built-in coolers are available in our high-end 14 seater vans.


Consider the ongoing maintenance costs and factor them into your budget.


Like any vehicle, your van will require insurance. Shop around for the best rates and coverage.

Registration and Licensing

Ensure you understand the legal requirements for registering and licensing your van.

14 Seater Van for Rent in Dubai Without Driver
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Spacious 14 Seater Van for Rent in Dubai Without Driver

When it comes to group travel, space is essential for comfort and convenience. Our spacious 14 seater vans for rent in Dubai without a driver offer ample room for both passengers and luggage, making your journey enjoyable and stress-free.

  1. Generous Seating: The van is designed with spacious seating arrangements, allowing passengers to stretch out and relax during the journey.
  2. Luggage Capacity: There’s no need to worry about fitting all your luggage. Our vans have enough storage space for your bags and belongings.
  3. Flexible Seating Configurations: Some of our vans offer adjustable seating configurations, allowing you to create more room for passengers or cargo as needed.
  4. Accessibility: Entry and exit are made easy with large doors and step-in heights, ensuring convenience for all passengers.
  5. Climate Control: Enjoy a comfortable interior temperature, thanks to efficient climate control systems that maintain a pleasant atmosphere.
  6. Noise Insulation: Our vans are equipped with soundproofing materials to ensure a peaceful and quiet ride.

Toyota 14 Seater Van

Toyota is renowned for its quality, durability, and reliability. When you choose a Toyota 14 seater van, you can expect a robust and dependable vehicle for your transportation needs. These vans are known for their comfort, versatility, and efficient design.

14 Seater Van for Sale

of transportation. For those who frequently require a 14 seater van in the UAE, purchasing one might be a practical choice. Owning a van provides long-term convenience and cost savings, and it allows for customization to meet your specific needs.

Chiller Van for Rent in Dubai

For businesses or individuals requiring temperature-controlled transportation, chiller vans offer a solution for the safe transport of goods, especially perishable items. Whether you need to transport food, pharmaceuticals, or any other temperature-sensitive products, chiller van rentals in Dubai provide a practical solution.

Flexible Rental Options: 14 Seater Van for Rent in Dubai Without Driver

Flexibility is a crucial aspect when renting a 14 seater van in Dubai. At Highway Transport, we understand that every traveler has unique needs and schedules. That’s why we offer a range of flexible rental options to cater to your preferences, making your journey as convenient as possible.

Diverse Rental Durations:

  • Daily Rentals: If you have a short-term need for a 14 seater van, our daily rental option provides you with the flexibility to rent a van for as little as a single day. This is ideal for tourists exploring the city or for one-time events.
  • Weekly Rentals: For those planning a more extended stay in Dubai, our weekly rental option offers cost-effective rates for seven days or more. It’s perfect for tourists who want to explore the city over a week or longer.
  • Monthly Rentals: Our monthly rental plans are designed for individuals and businesses with long-term transportation requirements. This is a cost-efficient choice for those needing a van for an extended period, such as expats or corporate projects.
  • Customized Rental Plans: If you have unique requirements or need a 14 seater van for an unconventional duration, we can work with you to create a customized rental plan that suits your specific needs.

Discover Dubai at Your Pace - 14 Seater Van for Rent in Dubai Without Driver

Dubai is a city that beckons exploration, from its stunning skyscrapers to its vibrant souks and picturesque desert landscapes. Renting a 14 seater van in Dubai without a driver gives you the freedom to explore this dynamic city at your own pace, creating unforgettable memories.

Advantages of Exploring Dubai with a 14 Seater Van:

  • Flexible Itinerary: With your 14 seater van, you have the freedom to create your itinerary, visit the attractions you desire, and explore hidden gems at your own pace.
  • Comfortable Journeys: The spacious and comfortable interior of our vans ensures that you and your fellow travelers can relax and enjoy the ride, even on longer journeys.
  • Convenient Loading: Our 14 seater vans offer ample space for luggage, shopping, and any souvenirs you collect during your trip. You won’t need to worry about luggage limitations.
  • Group Adventures: Traveling with a group of friends or family is more enjoyable when you’re all together in the same van, sharing experiences and making memories.
  • Freedom to Explore: Whether you want to visit famous landmarks, take a desert safari, or uncover the rich cultural heritage of Dubai, your van allows you the flexibility to explore without constraints.
  • Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventures: With a 14 seater van, you can venture off the beaten path and discover lesser-known destinations, offering a more authentic experience of Dubai.

14 Seater Van Rental Abu Dhabi

The capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, is a city of grandeur, offering a unique blend of modern architecture and cultural heritage. Exploring Abu Dhabi with a group is made more accessible and enjoyable with a 14 seater van rental.

Advantages of Renting a 14 Seater Van for Abu Dhabi Exploration:

  • City Sightseeing: Abu Dhabi is home to iconic landmarks like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the Louvre Abu Dhabi. A van rental allows you to visit these attractions comfortably.
  • Family Adventures: Traveling with your family or a group of friends becomes more convenient when everyone can travel together in a single van.
  • Customized Tours: Work with your driver to create a customized tour of Abu Dhabi, ensuring you see the sights that interest you the most.
  • Shopping and Dining: Abu Dhabi offers a plethora of shopping and dining options. With a van rental, you have room for your purchases and can visit multiple restaurants and markets.

Renting a 14 seater van for trips to Sharjah or Abu Dhabi makes it easier to explore these neighboring emirates and enjoy all they have to offer.

14 Seater Van for Rent in Dubai Without Driver

14 Seater Van for Rent

A 14 seater van is an excellent choice for group travel, offering ample space and flexibility. However, it's important to consider whether you require a driver to navigate Dubai's roads or prefer to drive yourself.

14 Seater Van for Rent in Dubai with Driver

For tourists and travelers who prefer a more relaxed and guided experience in Dubai, renting a 14 seater van with a driver can be an excellent choice. A professional driver not only ensures your safety but also offers local insights, making your journey more enjoyable.

14 Seater Van Rental Sharjah

Sharjah, one of the neighboring emirates of Dubai, offers a unique cultural experience, and it's just a short drive away. If you plan to explore Sharjah with a group, renting a 14 seater van is a convenient choice, whether with or without a driver.

14 Seater Van for Rent in Dubai Without Driver, Best Monthly Rental Offers: TOYOTA HIACE

Hassle-Free 14 Seater Van for Rent in Dubai Without Driver Reservations

At Highway Transport, we prioritize providing our customers with a hassle-free experience when reserving a 14 seater van in Dubai without a driver. Our user-friendly online reservation system and dedicated customer support make the booking process seamless and convenient.

Booking Process:

  1. Online Reservations: Our website offers an easy-to-use online reservation system. You can select your preferred rental duration, choose any additional services you require, and get an instant quote.
  2. Customer Support: If you have any questions or need assistance during the booking process, our customer support team is readily available to help you with your reservation.
  3. Flexible Options: Whether you need a van for a day, a week, or a month, our flexible rental options allow you to choose the duration that best fits your travel plans.
  4. No Hidden Fees: We believe in transparent pricing, and there are no hidden fees or surprises when you rent a 14 seater van from us. The price you see is the price you pay.
  5. Confirmation and Details: After making your reservation, you will receive a confirmation with all the details of your rental, including the pickup location and contact information.

Our hassle-free reservation process ensures that you can secure your 14 seater van without any stress, making your trip to Dubai even more enjoyable.